Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm back - again

Well, talk about a neglected Blog.  I can't believe it has been that long since I have been here.  It is now Easter weekend and I am finally getting some time to scrap for my own books.  I am hoping to finally get Will's high school album(s) done.  I started his as a 9X9 and should have done a 12X12.  My little man LOVES the camera and I have a ton of pictures to scrap.  And I have 5 years to scrap.  Oh, the problems he has created!  ha ha ha   I have had to hi-jack Jamie's 9X9 album for Will, and I will do James' album in a 12X12.  Of course, he hates the camera, so I am going to have to be creative enough to turn 12 pictures into a full album.  The joys!! 

I can only deal with one problem at a time right now, so I am going to get Will's albums done.  I am planning on boxing them up and putting them in a safe place out of the way until he moves out.  We just have no storage room in this house and my albums need to be distributed to the owners.  I think if I get Will's high school years and his Eagle scout album done, that is it for him.  Then I can start on James.  You know, the one with 12 pictures!  ha

I am looking forward to a great National Scrapbooking Day.  We are going to be meeting at the Lion's Club building at the fairgrounds.  It has plenty of room for all of us, and as long as it is warm enough, I think it may be a great location. And you know how that day goes, food, scrap, food, scrap, food, food and then maybe a little chocolate, scrap.  ;-) 

Since I am talking so much about my son, this is him, entertaining his cousin at Easter 5 years ago.  I think his cousin watches too much CSI.

Here he is with his pride and joy car (which I learned to hate!! what a money pit)

And my boy!  Isn't he beautiful?  Even in 2006 he was a handsome young man.  You should see him now!! 

These are some of the fun pictures I am going to go put in an album now.  I hope you are getting some fun stuff done. 

Happy Easter!