Sunday, August 3, 2014

HELLO AGAIN - it's me

What a weird year this has been. I feel like I am just about ready for April and in reality it's August already, when did that happen?  This year, both of my boys have moved out of the house, leaving me with room to grow, and a burning ambition to downsize and go through EVERYTHING I own. For a scrap booker, this may not really be a good thing.  As I have been going through things, I am finding many projects I need to finish, many projects I SHOULD finish, and many thing I wonder what the heck I was thinking.

I frequently find myself frozen, overwhelmed with all the things I want to do, and all the things I 'should' do.  I have made it a goal to just do one thing at a time, do a little at a time, and make an effort to enjoy the process.  I have also promised myself I will not let guilt force me to do projects that I no longer have any desire to do.  But, those are few and far between I find.

Last weekend, the goal was organization.  I had pictures ALL OVER MY HOUSE!  They needed to be in ONE place so I could spend less time searching for the picture "I know I have!" somewhere!!  It took 10 hours of finding, sorting, labeling , and focusing, but I think I have most of them together.  I still have a pile of things I need to sort through on the side of my desk, and I know there are photos in there, but I am not ready to face that pile just yet.  This weekend is for creating!

This weekend, I started by making the second set of cards for the CLOUD NINE card kit.  There were plenty of die cuts for 2 sets of cards, but not enough paper. So, I used some of the paper from the SARITA paper kit.  I substituted COTTON CANDY for the yellow in the kit, and it worked out great! I really like these cutting directions, and I am thinking of using them for my Christmas cards with the BULK paper from 2013's SPARKLE AND SHINE.

Next,  I dug out the box of left over product from the CHRISTMAS TAG class I held last fall.  My mission this week is to get all those leftover tags put together so they are ready to use or give away this year. I have 2 of the sets finished, but it may take me all week to finish the rest.  The mission, get them done!!

And, finally, I want to share the pages and cards we made in my Monthly Scrap Book Club last month.  We used the TIMBERLINE paper and the workshop stamp set. I used pictures from a recent "girls trip" and scrapped the first of the pages I need to get done.  I think they turned out great, and I'm anxious to get the rest of the pictures on paper!  I hope you enjoy them!

See you soon, and keep playing with that paper!!