Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas Gifts!

Having to make a gift for someone you don't really know well is so hard!  I drew the name of one of my club members that I don't know too much about and had free reign to make whatever I wanted for her.  OY!  The pressure!  Then I saw CTMH's mix and mingle album and it got an idea brewing in my little pea brain.  =)

I made a wall hanging for Cherryl's scrap booking/ sewing space.  (I did get a little hint from a friend of hers!) One side says CREATE and on the other side I thought I should put something seasonal, so I went with JOY.

All of the paper is CTMH, the buttons are from my grandma's button box I inherited, and Thank goodness for my CRICUT!  I cut all of the Christmas side decorations and then glittered them.  I think they turned out so neat!  I hope you got a chance to flex your creative muscles this season.  
Merry Christmas to all ...... 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sharing Christmas day One

I am so excited to share the pictures of the Twilight album I made as a gift for my friend for Christmas.  
In our scrap booking club we had a Christmas gift exchange, and I drew the name of my friend who LOVES Twilight.  I have been wanting to try one of these albums for a long time and this was the perfect excuse. 

The cover has a home made flower (the big one) accented by a couple prima flowers. 

I saw this rose lace and knew it would be perfect for this album.  

The tags were stamped with a CTMH stamp and everything was ink distressed of course. 

I found some red flower lace too!  Isn't it great?

Interactive pages.  I am working on making my albums more interesting. 

More black rose lace and some Silhouette paper by CTMH.

Check out the ribbon behind these pictures!  I have a bunch left, and can't wait to find a spot to use it.  It is really webby (is that a word?)

Pocket page made from pictures filled with tags.

I made several charm dangles to hang on the album too.  It adds a ton of interest and I have the beads.  Another hobby I am starting to do.  Ha ha ha.  

I hope you enjoy my friend's album  I am planning on teaching a class on this album sometime this coming spring.  Watch for the announcements!
Have a great day!  connie