Sunday, May 23, 2010

My latest project and a challenge!

So, now that I have the baby album for my great niece done and the 9X9 album that I was commissioned to do for a friend done, it is time to address the needs of my own family. My son is celebrating his Eagle Scout award on June 19th and I am just starting the invitations. I have a list of 60 and I am sure I have forgotten some. I am going to be up nights all week doing this. And to top it off, I just discovered I don't have a silver ink pad! Who doesn't have a silver ink pad?? that is just crazy!

Does this layout look familiar?? It is the same layout we used for the YOU ROCK workshop. I knew when I saw the layout for club that this was what I wanted to use for Jamie's invitations. I didn't use CTMH paper, but I found some really fun paper that glitters and really represents what this award is (to me anyway!)

I got all the paper cut, and went to stamp the eagle that I have for the invites, and the stamp apparently grew legs. I hunted for a half hour for it before I gave up and called a friend to see if she could help me out. We ended up finding an eagle on the STAND AND SALUTE cricut cartridge. I tried it in red, blue and black and this is what my final product looks like.

And this is what the original card from club looked like. Isn't it amazing what changing some paper and the accents will do for a layout. I am thinking that his THANK YOU cards may have the same layout and I will use the D1408 A LITTLE EVERYTHING stamp set. I don't know what papers I will use, but I have a lot of the SASPARILLA papers left. And that is pretty masculine. Hhhhmmmm.... that could work.
Anyway, your challenge this week. Change up one of your club card patterns and send it to me. I will post it and you can rack up points! I am still keeping track of them. You might even want to give this card a shot! have fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting over ... Again

Well, this month has been nothing but a series of family crises' and so once again I have let things like my blog slip. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't crafted or followed anyone elses' blogs and websites like I usually do either. However, I am going to make a big effort to get back on track. Starting with this months BoM challenge. I have run across so many ideas this morning and have even thought of the things that relate to May - birthdays, mom's day ..... but in the end, I think we will just do a page about every day. Let's do a page about our nightly routines.

What do you do every night before bed? It can be one thing that you elaborate on or a series of routines that you journal about so your family knows a bit of what your life was like.

I hope to get my page done today and post it tomorrow. In the meantime, I have started to get control of some of the commitments that I have made and get my life back on the track I have laid for it. See you tomorrow, c