Saturday, June 2, 2018

Getting Things Done

I am amazed at what  can get done with one hand!  I have set up a list of goals (on my phone, since I can't write!!)  and I managed to CRUSH the first one!

I follow an amazing scrapbooker named ALI EDWARDS.  I have for a long time. I have even purchased several classes from her.    

So, one of the things she does is A WEEK IN THE LIFE album every year. She chooses a week every year and documents the "reality" of the whole week. The food, the mundane, the shopping, the tantrums, the house, the yard, the whole shebang.  She offers  a new line of products every year to go with the process she does very publicly on her blog.  I haven't purchased the WEEK IN THE LIFE products (or class I don't think) but, I've followed her process and started it for 2 years!  I did (some of) the journaling, I took all the pictures, but never got them into an album.

My first project to finish while I am off this summer is my 2017 WEEK IN THE LIFE album.  I started with corralling the pictures on my computer into one place.  As organized as I thought I was ... this was enlightening!  I have some work to do on cleaning out my computer's memory.  (later!)

I printed the pictures I wanted after I decided I was going to use just a few 4X6 photos and mostly 3X4 photos.  I chose background CARD STOCK ( I have a bunch of retired I would like to get used up - another goal!)  I then pulled a limited supply of embellishments, PROJECT LIFE cards (I have a bunch of these from before CTMH made pocket cards) stamps, and inks.  I find that looking for things as I go and adding things all the time slows me down and overwhelms my creativity.

So, with my supplies out, I started on Tuesday afternoon.   I started with a 'loose' plan.
 1) a title page for each day 
2) a 'day' pocket for each day and
 3) and an 'initial' card for each day.  

With my goals and my loose plan in mind I filled the pages for the week with my pictures first. Then I added the CARD STOCK pages and pocket cards, then the PROJECT LIFE cards. 

And now, the fun part begins!  Decorating the pages.  At this point, I didn't understand how ALI EDWARDS and most of the other people who have done this project needed a whole album for this!  It was crazy!  I was gonna put 2 years in one album, not 'waste' a whole album.  Then ... I started decorating.

I love my title page!  I used a BECKY HIGGINS PL card.  I love that camera (and i just realized I need to put bling on the flash!)  The frame is an old RECOLLECTIONS piece I believe.  I used CTMH 'Marker Alphabet' #E1034 for my title, with BLACK INK and 'Week in the Life' is from the CTMH RETIRED stamp set Notice the Details #D1378. I haven't used this set much for as much as I loved it when I bought it, but I will, just wait, I will!

The pocket pages were next.  And they are so fun to decorate!  Remember I told you I was making CARD STOCK day pages?  Here is the first one. 

Just retired OCEAN card stock I hoarded. I stamped 'MONDAY'  in BLACK ink with the CTMH stamp set 'My Life' #D1572.  I used the days of the week from this set for the WHOLE book.  The font is different for every day, which I LOVE!  I am a bit of a font freak.  LOL  The embellishments are old RECOLLECTIONS pieces, except for the yellow flower which is from a very old CTMH paper kit. I looked for the name, so I could tell you, but can't find it. The embellishments were very bulky for that kit and I didn't use them in my big albums because of that.  And, other than for the workshop, I didn't use them on cards because I didn't feel that they would mail easily. 

I love the wood veneer 'hello'!  The adhesive was crap, but I love the look of it.  Wood embellishments are soooo cute in these small albums.  Personally, I don't like the bulk in my big albums. 

The other consistent detail I wanted in my album was the initial for every day.  On Monday I used a camera PL card (I love camera accents in anything!!)  I think this is such a nice little detail in the album. I'm really glad I made this choice. 

Once again, I used the Marker Alphabet set from CTMH.  Using up some old embellishments and bling as I go.  

Just a little more information before I leave you today.  I am using SIMPLE STORIES page protectors and album for this project. (cleaning out my stash).   2 years ago, when I made my grand daughter's albums for family, I DOUBLE ORDERED page protectors!!  WHO DOES THAT??  
Well, me apparently.  So, I have a ton of page protectors and 1 album.  Now 0 albums, and still a ton of protectors.  I will be shopping for a couple more albums so I can use up the page protectors.  It's OK though.  I love mini albums.  They mean FINISHED projects. 

Have an amazing day and a scrappy weekend!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Recovery - the first of may updates

Well, it's amazing how much time one spends on the computer when you can't really do anything else.  I am catching up one the blogs I follow, the instagrammers i watch and the shopping places i try   not to spend too much time (or money) at.

my computer time is helping me prepare for projects i want to do while i am recovering. i have a list of goals for the time i have off.  id love to write them down, prioritize them and do some brain storming, but, alas, i can't write anything down!  i had no idea how much i used my hands. specifically, my right hand!  hopefully, until i am more agile, i can LEARN!  i have several online classes and youtube tutorials that i need to spend time on. i will continue to research and do what i can to improve my online presence and my personal history recording.  i am still struggling towards my goals . what do i want in my future? what goals do need to achieve the future i want? what steps do i need to take to achieve those goals?

sorry, meds kicked in .... mind wondered ... rambling ensued. LOL   my point was, in the 5 days I've done very little other than surf the web, I've discovered a few things id like to change.

1.  i need to take more pictures of my life.


              So, my first , honest picture of my life.

             I need to send more cards. I make them.  I save them.
             I organize them (see photo for proof)  This was my                 first project in my summer off!

             Now - I need to start mailing them

this i discovered while reading the WEEK IN THE LIFE blogs by Ali Edwards.  
I have pictures from this year and last year that i would like to get them in albums with journaling before i go back to work.
                Anyway, Ali takes a ton of pictures, and actually scraps 10-12 a day. I only took 4-5 a day, and not all of them are scrap worthy!  I would like to be more aware of moments, aware of things and people worthy of recording. Things i see now  ... i want to REALLY SEE.

2. I can and probably should blog more about the process.


          This is the first step in the PROJECT LIFE 2017 album                                                                                        

          I am determined to finish this year!    

          I am grouping the photos from that week, I am then going to narrow down the ones I plan on using, I'll put them in the page protectors, then add papers and embellishments.

          You will be seeing more photos of this album soon.

I tend to blog about big things.  When they are done or if they are important i record.  That probably isn't necessary. I can share just the pictures with notes from my days. Or I can scrap the same. general photos, notes from the day. Everything isn't a huge thing to everyone else, but i know I don't record some thoughts that I would like to remember.

3. The blog is a great place to record some history and some thoughts.

          If you follow my FB page,

                 2cut's HEART

          You have probably seen this lovely picture of my arm.  I am 13 days out from surgery and already frustrated and wishing recovery was over.

          I think if I could be better about posting things here .... I might have a better timeline for some of the thousands of open thoughts  and projects rambling around my head.

 I don't utilize my computer to NEAR the potential it offers. It is a great resource. There is so much potential and i have not even explored the possibilities. I am hoping to explore resources that will work with my cra-cra thinking.  Maybe I can accomplish more.  Or, maybe I can just bore you all to death with my rambling!

Either way, you are going to be getting a taste of my crazy thinking.  My sorting my thoughts.   And my trying to get control of my space.  Welcome to this crazy ride!

So Welcome to my World

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Touching base

So, today is the last day before I have surgery.  I am finishing up one more day of work and some scrapping and personal things around the house.  

I have big plans for what I plan to do with my 3 months off, but honestly, I am not sure what I am going to actually be capable of doing.  I'm kind of freaking out a little this morning.  I'm not even sure I can drink coffee left handed.  I don't think I can butter bread left handed!!  Not that I'll starve to death very fast, but, REALLY!!  I am so NOT left handed!!  

So, today, grocery store, change sheets on bed, pay some bills, get my CTMH order in, and try not to have a melt down thinking about surgery tomorrow.  I will be glad when I am into the recovery.  But today, I'm a little nervous.  

I imagine while I am off you will hear from me often.  I think I will be able to type better than I will be able to do any other form of communication. And I may need a place to feel in touch with my friends, I hope you will be here!!  

See you on the other side ...

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Good morning!  I am so excited to be sharing my MAKING WAVES pages with you all.  My monthly CLUB will be putting these together on Sunday, March 25.  My hostesses are Sally and Erin this month!  So they will be getting FREE product!!

I love that we get together once a month and finish pages.  I am getting a lot more scrapbooking done than I have in a long time.  Finishing  AT LEAST  6 pages a month and getting some of my albums caught up.  I also end up with a plethora of cards!!  I really need to start mailing more them.  How do you all manage the cards you make??  I really don't have room to hoard them.

I have a few events coming up that will be announced APRIL 1  Keep your eyes on this blog if you need some creative time!  I am also putting together some classes for the summer.  I will also be announcing those.  I'm still pulling the details together, but they will be very inspirational!!

I've got to get to work ... see you soon!  C

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A deviation of life

I started this little project a long time ago.  I wrote about it a long time ago.  And .... I never shared it.

I am sharing it now because this is the thing I am going to do this year (2018) also. I love the concept of project life and having a spread for every day, but my life isn't that exciting and I think a page or two every month would be fine.  Except for the BIG events which I will scrap in a standard 12X12 album.  For me and my quiet life, I think I am going to stick with a smaller 6X8 album and a layout or two every month.  Maybe I'll have more time to blog!!  ha ha

And so, here is the post I wrote and never shared!

I know that my goal is to get baby albums caught up, and family albums caught up, and house cleaned and life organized and be in control of everything and ... and ... and ...

Not today!!

I needed to do something creative, but I really didn't feel like working on any "should do"s.  So, I started the mini me album I am doing with my planner.  I love this idea.  I started it last year (2016) with the planner configuration CTMH offered.  And, I decided that even though it means splitting my planner into 2 albums for storage at the end of the year, I am doing it again!!

This is 2017 ...soon I will start 2018 only it will be in a  BASHFUL 6X8 album!  

See you soon!  Connie

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I have been Scrapping!

I know you haven't seen too much of me in the last little while, but I have been scrapping.  I am on a mission this year!  I am using up retired paper!  It has been a challenge and really fun.  Mostly because I am also finishing up an album for my bonus child, so I have no control over how many pictures I have per 'page' or what the subject is.  So, I didn't really use the CTMH page maps, I kind of hunted around for what appealed to me for some of them.  Some of them I used the CTMH designs.  But, just like you, PINTEREST is my friend.  

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to scrap the bad things that happen in life too.  

So, I slipped in a short page to add a few more pictures that I thought T should have, but they didn't really warrant another 12X12 page.  This works SO NICELY!! 

I LOVE this BALCK AND WHITE theme for dropping in pictures with no 'set' color scheme!

CTMH die cuts are THE BEST I have used so far!  
Nice clean cuts that are easy to work with and get on the page!

So, I know this is a quick, picture heavy update, but you will hear from me again soon!  


Sunday, September 10, 2017

So, after a small break, we are back to 'THE PLAN'.

My last post I told you I needed to add GENDER REVEAL pages.  To all 4 books.

I was so depressed that my plan go waylaid, that it took me a long time to even look at the pages and pictures.  But, last weekend, I did manage to get it done.

I told you my son is nicknamed SUPERMAN?  We still look for SUPERMAN stuff everywhere.  And the girls that put together the baby shower followed the theme.  Starting with a SMALLCAKE cake.  It was amazing!!  And they even featured the reveal cake on their FB page.  I thought that was so cool!!

So, unlike last layout, I found a layout I liked on PINTEREST for this spread.  I looked under "CTMH SUPERHERO"  and tons of layouts and cards popped up made with this paper pack.  It is from years ago!!

So, I used the CTMH SUPER HEROS paper for Will and Laura's book. 

This is the beginning of the layout.  B&T in place, some basic stamping done, photos added, but no embellishing yet.  I still needed to 'think it through'. 

I had a ton of pictures to add to the kid's book that didn't really need to be in mine or the other grandparents.  So, for W&L's I added pocket pages in the center.  

The scribbly note is me deciding what pictures I am going to add, where I am making cards, and what is going to be on them.  I'm obsessive about planning it out as I am printing most of these pictures at home.  That can be expensive!  

I love these stamped and sanded details!! 

The final page ...

turned out SOoooo CUTE!  

Then ..... now to the pages for the rest of us:

This is the PINTEREST picture I planned to copy

And.... this is my version! 
I didn't have enough SUPERHERO paper to copy it exactly, so I used the SUPERMAN paper that I have accumulated over the years. 

And, the photos I had weren't lining up size wise to what I needed for the page, so ....

I created!  
This is what I came up with. 

So Cute!  Here are some details ....

I will have you know I fussy cut that SUPERMAN out!  

Isn't it awesome?  Did you notice the same stamped and cut out images from the first pages?

And, here are the pages for the smaller books:

For the great grandparents and L's parents, I just chose the highlights and focused on those.  

There you go!  My show and tell for today!  

Stay posted for more adventures in scrapbooking from me!  C