Sunday, September 20, 2015

JACKSON adventure

Well, I got some of the pictures taken and even saved them to the blog, but obviously didn't finish publishing it.  So, here are my creations from the JACKSON paper pack from last month!  I couldn't believe how may pages I made from this jpaper pack!! And then I made cards too!  Amazing what you get out of these wonderful kits.
This is my Daughter-in-love with my granddaughter at the lake for the first time.  The kids had friends come up from DENVER to do some camping. Although they couldn't camp with a new baby, they did go to the lake to visit. 

My bonus child, TORI, loves to hike with his friends and I do try to keep an album for him. So this gave me a perfect use for the JACKSON papers. I've already scrapped all of our camping and hiking adventures! Thank you TORI for taking tons of selfies!!  

And this is the BONUS page with another adventure ! 

I am reminded daily and weekly and monthly of how blessed I am to have these wonderful human beings in my life.  My sons, my bonus child, and all of their amazing friends.  And now, they are having children of their own, so I am a surrogate grandma to more children every year.  How lucky am I?  

Now, I am going to sign off by promising to try to get the JACKSON cards and now the ZOE pages and cards up here within the next week.  

See you soon!  Connie

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So, I am going to get back to writing on this soon. But, for today, I am just going to post pictures of stamp sets and paper packs my sister is selling. I thought I would give her a hand as she has been helping me out so much lately.  If you see something you would like, shoot me a test or email.  It will be first come first serve.  Stamp sets $2 paper packs $3.  All are used.  Paper packs are mostly full.

So there you go.  What isn't sold will go in a rummage sale on Friday morning.  Thanks, Connie