Monday, April 26, 2010

April BoM challenge

Well, I am sure that this is not the kind of picture you expected to see when you came to check on the BoM challenge for April. Yes, I know it is very, very late and I am sorry. Life did take over this month and I have not stayed on task. Time to get back on that horse and get things done.

So, back to the picture. As you know I was (am) trying to do a 365 album this year. That got sidetracked too. I am picking up and starting where I am though, because I still think it's a great idea and I love Flylady's credo of not beating yourself up when you slip. So ... the pictures! These are the 2 desserts I made for Easter dinner. Seems like ages ago. This first one was the one I was so excited about. It was sherbet and a cream cheese mixture. It was supposed to be so pretty and layered and FROZEN. Well, it... ummmm.... tasted good. I was very disappointed that it didn't freeze in the 3 hours the recipe called for.
This recipe is a 'Southern Peach Cobbler' from a recipe book/swap my sister in law was in and she made a book for me too! I love it. And the cobbler was EASY and GOOD. OK, 1 out of 2 isn't bad. Easter was wonderful for our family, we all got together and shared some laughs and generally bonded. We don't ALL get together very often so when we do it is a real blessed time. So, now I am sure, you are wondering about the BoM challenge.
This month, I am only giving you a word. FAITH You can do a layout about what you believe, or where it came from. What it means to you or what you have faith in. Sometimes it is something as simple as having faith that a recipe you want to try will be good enough to serve your family. I'll write again soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

April Update

What a crazy busy week this has been! I've been so excited about Will getting home from college and getting things ready for Easter, that I kind of blew off blogging this weekend. Well, he is gone and I need to get back into my routine, so I thought I would get it done this morning before I head off to work.

I suppose I should start with the schedule for my Clubs this month.
Rapid City is meeting April 18 at Hardees on Haines Ave. Both the afternoon and evening class as usual.
Sturgis is meeting April 18 at the Pizza Ranch in the evening. You are going to love the pages we do this month. And, we are trying some new product and some new techniques, so it will be fun.

Sunday, April 11, I will meet you all at Hardee's for an open crop! Come and spend the afternoon scrapbooking with me. This is the only opportunity I will have to scrapbook until the big NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY May 1.

I am taking names for May 1, and I only have 15 openings, so if you would like to come play with us, Let me know as soon as possible! The crop will be from 8AM to 12 AM. 16 hours of uninterrupted time! I have the prizes ordered and the plans in place! Come and play with us!

Now to share a bit of what I am trying to get done, since I have posted only my club members' work so far. This is the first page of a baby album I am making for my great niece. She was born in Dec. and we are going to see her in May for Mother's Day. I have a deadline! I am almost done, just a few more pages.

I wanted to share some of the fun details that I have done with CTMH products to make this a special album for RyLee and her parents. Did you notice the snowflakes on the title page?

I love this little Easter Bunny! I had to use him for the Easter page. And I love my Cricut!

Again I am using CTMH paper. This is from the Jingle paper pack. RyLee has a pink Santa hat picture, so I knew that this was the paper I needed to use for her first Christmas. Again, the Cricut cut the title. Don't you love the "A" in Christmas? I just cut the "A" off the top layer of the word "Christmas" and decorated the 'shadow' of the letter "A" with glitter and brads.

Using up some of the dimesionals that I have collected. I don't get these things out enough and am really making an effort to embellish all of my work more often.