Sunday, November 6, 2016

CHRISTMAS state of mind ...

Well, I ended up with an unexpected morning at home, so, I decided to start pulling together my DECEMBER DAILY.  This will be the third year following ALI EDWARDS  plan for documenting my December.  I am approaching it a bit differently this year, as far as my thinking, and I think it is going to be so much fun!!

My first commitment, is to not buy anything.  I am ONLY using the stash I have.  I kind of started pulling stuff together for this album last year.  Right after Christmas, there were some good sales.  What can I say, I thought of a plan.

GOLD AND BLACK.  That was the plan.  I saw this paper pad and it put  a plan in motion.  So, when I saw things that worked, I picked them up.  (Only for about the first 3 months of 2016!  Don't judge me!  )

Foiled papers are hard to find!!  I picked up a flat foil gold, 2 different textured gold and a textured silver when I saw them.  Tossed them into the box.

2 Gold alphabets, GOLD words, GOLD & BLACK arrows, RED & GOLD foiled labels, and SILVER labels, GOLD & BLACK little note labels. All of these little bits are in the box to add to pages as the month goes on.

I found this cutting die on sale one day, and LOVED it!! Even if I don't use it in my DECEMBER DAILY, I will use it to make some cards this year.

These POCKET LIFE cards are some that I have had in my stash forever.  The ones on the left are from the BECKY HIGGINS - MIDNIGHT PL kit.  The one on the top right is from a SIMPLE STORIES kit I found on sale at Michaels last year.  I am scattering the pieces all through this years album.  The pieces on the bottom right were gifted to me by a friend, I'm glad to be able to use them.

The pieces below are all from CTMH.  I have clear overlays from the GOLD & SILVER collection and the BLACK collection from the last couple of years.  And POCKET LIFE  cards from the BEAUTIFUL ME  collection. (And maybe the water color collection?)

And, my pages are all on a ring and starting to get filled.  I used a planning page by ALI EDWARDS to sketch out an initial layout.  Then, I started pulling my pages in the order they will be in the album (unless I change my mind!  ha ha ) I am using an 8X8 album which is creating some challenges.  I'll explain later.....
                   This will be my title page.

I LOVED the Merry Christmas paper on the left, so I am going to use that page as my intention page. An explanation of why I'm doing this album and what I want to get out of this holiday season.
The page on the right needs to be altered.  Like I said earlier, the 8X8 format is creating some challenges.  I bought a FUSE tool for a different project, but I will be starting by using it on this album.  I am going to turn this one pocket 8X8 page into a page with 2X2 pockets in it.  My initial plan was to put 16 pockets in this page and leave it 8X8, but I may put 2X2 pockets in it and cut it down to 12 or 8 pockets, depending on the way things play out.

I used sticky notes to mark my pages so I don't get lost. I confuse really easily!  LOL  I dropped PL cards into pockets where I thought I would want them, but everything can be moved at this point in time.

I am also going to use my FUSE  tool to create 3X4 pockets in my 8X8 pages.  The 3X4 cards on the left are marking that for a visual reminder.  And of course, I want to use those cards in the album somewhere!  The are gorgeous!!

I already had 4X4 pocket pages in my stash that fit in an 8X8 album.  Obviously purchased for some other project.  Hhhhmmmm, I wonder what that project was?

This sparkly ornament paper will hold a group photo from the CHRISTMAS PARTY I'm having for my club members.  The facing page will hold 3X4 pictures I believe.

I am also making little design notes to myself on the post it notes.  If I don't write it down, I don't remember what my plan was.

Another page that will be altered to hold 2X2 pictures and other yummy things.

Big plans for CHRISTMAS EVE pages.

The album!  Isn't it YUMMY!?   I think I am going to heat emboss the numbers 2016 in either BLACK or RED and attach it underneath the BELIEVE.  Which color do you think I should use?

Since I store all of my CHRISTMAS stuff together, it was easy to go through my little CHRISTMAS BOX and pull all the things that I though would go in my album.  I included anything SPARKLY!


 I had some CHRISTMAS flair, sparkly WASHI TAPE, some WOOD VENEERS (I may heat emboss these!) and a selection of sparkly buttons.  I think that this will about complete what I need.  I do have a roller stamp I'll add and of course, photos!  This is going to be great!

I just thought I would add a picture of the sketches ALI EDWARDS provided that I have scribbled all over getting my plan together.  If you want a copy, let me know!  I'd love to have someone doing this with me this year!

Talk to you soon, and I'll keep you updated on my progress.  C