Sunday, June 25, 2017

Catching up in June

My upline in this crazy CTMH business challenged all of us (her downlines) to make an ongoing album this year to help us focus on our businesses.  Well, you all know how my life is going!  I have worked on the album a couple times over the last 6 months, but got fairly behind.

This weekend is my time to get caught up!!  I am going to share some of my pages with you!  You lucky people!  I'm starting with the pages Shannon asked us to create about the people that inspire us.

I think my list changes from day to day, but today with 2 cups of coffee under my belt and a printer full of ink  I got this page made for my book.

This is the opening page!  Love the picture of my granddaughter stuck under the bed.  What a brave ADVENTURER she is.

This challenge is to scrap a CROP that I held this year.  I forgot to take pictures at the SPRING RETREAT, so I scrapped the NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY RETREAT I hold every year.  

In this challenge, we had to scrap samples of the papers CTMH is offering this year.  I have the first 4 in and room for all the new ones we have coming up in the SE2 and the NEW ANNUAL CATALOG. 

In this challenge, I had to scrap my scrapbooking space.  Ewww!!   This is scary!!  My space is usually a mess, especially when I am working!  But I scrapped it!!  I also included a photo of the coffee shop where I have my club meets every month.  

And finally, a page about who inspires me.  This was hard.  The list just got longer and longer.  I only had 2 pages, so I went with the first 7 people on the list.  That is what would fit on the page!

It was awesome to spend the day finishing up (catching up) a project that has been nagging the back of my mind.  I highly recommend taking some time to finish one of your finish-able  projects this month!  

see you soon - C

In May ...

So ... not much scrapping happening this month.  I've been doing a lot of photo shoots, and that has been keeping me very busy.  Editing and learning photoshop elements is my challenge at this phase in my life.  I am hoping that this will be a good learning experience, but first I have to get past the frustration.  

This is a senior I made portraits of in April.  The sitting went well, but the processing was a bit more than I expected.  Need to have a better plan for my back ground. 

My granddaughter turned 2!!  
How does this happen so fast?  
I love that she is developing such a fun playful personality.  However, she is not shy about letting us know when she is displeased with anything!  

And we are expecting a little boy any day now!  
Don't they make a lovely family?  
I am so proud of both of these kids.  They are great parents and make a great family 
that is my input for today!  

Meant to publish this ages ago.  
Maybe I will be better in the future.  
maybe not, but I will try.