Sunday, June 25, 2017

In May ...

So ... not much scrapping happening this month.  I've been doing a lot of photo shoots, and that has been keeping me very busy.  Editing and learning photoshop elements is my challenge at this phase in my life.  I am hoping that this will be a good learning experience, but first I have to get past the frustration.  

This is a senior I made portraits of in April.  The sitting went well, but the processing was a bit more than I expected.  Need to have a better plan for my back ground. 

My granddaughter turned 2!!  
How does this happen so fast?  
I love that she is developing such a fun playful personality.  However, she is not shy about letting us know when she is displeased with anything!  

And we are expecting a little boy any day now!  
Don't they make a lovely family?  
I am so proud of both of these kids.  They are great parents and make a great family 
that is my input for today!  

Meant to publish this ages ago.  
Maybe I will be better in the future.  
maybe not, but I will try.  


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