Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Addiction

I'm sure you all know that I have a small problem with SPIDER SOLITAIRE, and that I spend a LOT of time on the internet and in my scrapbooking room.  Well, add PANDORA radio, and PINTREST to those addictions, and I have a Very Serious Problem!  This is Crazy!

It all started when I sent my alarm clock to Denver with Will.  Well, that was my radio in the scraproom.  A few days ago, I remembered that a friend of Will's had put Pandora on my phone, and I loved it!!  I can tell it what artists I like, and it plays those artists and that style of music.  I can set it to shuffle, or just one artist. It is wonderful for when I am scrapping and I love that I can change it all depending on my mood.    So anyway, I remembered hearing that they had a version for the computer now.  I downloaded it to the computer in my room and it hasn't been turned off since.   I love spending time in my scraproom now as long as I have something to listen too.  Especially when DH is going to bed at 6PM, I need some company.  PANDORA is it!

And then there is PINTEREST.  WOW!  What an amazing product (or time waster!!) I love that I can pin 'stuff' to my 'boards' without it taking up room on my computer and I can refer to to any time I want.  I especially love it for the recipe ideas I have gotten.  Just this week I am planning on trying 2 that I found on pinterest.   So many times in the past I would see something and think I "might" use that someday and either write down a website on a slip of paper (you DO NOT want to know how many of these are all over my house) or I would hope I would remember where I saw it later when I needed it.  With PINTEREST, you have it!  Boom!  Just check your board.  And you can pin anything from any website, blog, or other internet location.  I spent one whole day surfing other pinners sites (I do not recommend this - nothing got done!) It can be a waste of time, but maybe with some self control (OK - stop laughing!!) it will be the best thing since sliced bread.  For me anyway.

Well, I'm off to continue getting ready for the retreat next weekend.  I am going to try not to bring everything I own, so I am starting to pack now.  I will chat with you all again soon!  c