Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Things I love about CLOSE TO MY HEART

I LOVE that I can mix and match products.

I am not a purist.  I will be the first one to admit to it.  I have bought so many scrap booking supplies over the years it's crazy.  And I still have most of them.  They were the result of impulse shopping, a page I saw on pinterest that I loved!! or they are simply an embellishment or paper that I just like.

Regardless of why I purchased them, they haven't been used.  And now, I no longer want to purchase, I want to create.  That is my goal, my mission, my path.  I still purchase all of the CTMH workshops. I LOVE them.  They are "on fleek" and usually apply to what I am scrapping now or will be soon. So, I purchase them.

But - CTMH workshops include ALL the embellishments I will need for the pages plus a few more.  So, there is not a need to go shopping. I do however, go shopping in my stash for the +pages that I do with the leftovers from the workshops.  Check out this example:

I pulled the 'drinking' stickers from a sheet I bought when the boys were in college, the wood hearts and arrows I have a TON of because I love the looks of them.  The swirl enamel dots were the left overs from some project ages ago,  I only had about 1/4 of the package, but when I cut them up and laid them down, they added just the right touch.  The CTMH paper is from the ROXIE paper (2011) and some of the FLORENTINE (2012?).  I am trying to get through (caught  up) many albums and use up some of the ridiculous amount of supplies that I own.  

I LOVE that our alphabet stamps can make the title and journaling so easy.

I have a simple page that I need to do.  Just finish off the month of August 2016.  A few rally pictures.  Most of my pictures have already been used in another layout.  Then I found this picture.  I really want the memory.  I really don't want to do a bunch of journalling. I just want to finish this morning.  BOOM! CTMH ALPHABET STAMPS - Marker Alphabet (E1034) and Jennifer's Hand (B1484) These made the page!  It is finished.  Just enough information to make the memory.  And it looks AWESOME!!  And now, August is done. 

And last, but not least, for today .... I LOVE that seasonal stamps can be used in other places!  

This stamp is from a very HALLOWEEN set. I shot this picture intentionally leaving room for some journalling at the bottom. But, when it came time to scrap it, I didn't want to take the time to photo shop journalling in.  However,  I knew I had a "nom, nom" saying somewhere in my stash.  I was surprised it was Halloween.  Isn't it perfect on this picture??  I just stamped it with waterproof archival ink.  I love how it looks.

Looking forward to chatting st you again soon- c

Monday, July 3, 2017

Here'e the reality

So, here is the reality.
 I have bad days.  I don't feel great , I don't get much sleep, I have a headache, and I just want to stay in a dark room and not deal with anybody.  But guess what, LIFE GOES ON! 

If you ask your family to take pictures  to make sure that YOU will be in your scrapbooks, THEY WILL.  It doesn't matter what you look like, if your hair is done, or if you have make up on. 

I AM going to scrap this HORRIBLE picture if me.  It is a reminder of a lovely evening where I had all my boys, my grandchildren, and my sis.  I had them all over for dinner.  I didn't feel great, but we had a wonderful time.  

I NEVER get pictures of these two.  When my hands were full, I asked other two people in the room with their phones out to take a picture.  THEY DID.  OK, the picture is cheesy.  But, I now have a picture of these two at this moment in their lives.  I will put this in each of their albums so they will remember this evening.  

My children's scrapbooks have VERY FEW pictures of me in them.  I was there, I swear, but I was behind the camera, ALWAYS!  It's like I don't exist.  I don't want to be nonexistent any more. I am changing that for my grandchildren's books.

My point, (shoot, my teacher voice is out again, isn't it?) ....
Well, my point(s) are:
Ask for pictures of what you want.  Don't worry about how you look, it's about the memory.  

OK, time to start Monday.