Saturday, September 24, 2016

A new beginning

Good morning!

I have been going to update you on my life for some time, but I was feeling very overwhelmed and didn't want to post while I was in that state of mind.  I don't know that the feeling overwhelmed is any less, but I am adjusting to it and taking control of what needs to be done.

As you may know, the house sold and I have moved into a lovely apartment.  I am very excited about getting it all our together, but it is going very slowly.  And some things have been by discovery.  Let me explain.

I moved with "Christmas dishes" as my main dish assortment.  That was fine.  I love the dishes and they were plain, so they would work fine.  But, they are BIG!  and HEAVY!  So when all you're having is toast, it seemed like a bit of overkill.  So, I decided to go get smaller plates.  A reasonable dinner plate (maybe I won't over eat!) And I headed off to Pier 1 with a friend.  All I wanted was plain barn red plates to compliment the 'chargers' I already owned.  Well ..... You can see how well that went!
Aren't these beautiful??  I fell in love!
I decided since I was only buying 4, I could get seasonal ones and in the spring, I will find 4 spring plates.  These have the water color look I LOVE! and look at those colors!  I have committed to surrounding myself with beautiful thing that make me heart sing at this point in my life, and this is the first!

But, the rest of the apartment .... ugghh!  It is hard to put it together when I don't have all the pieces I am going to have .... eventually.  I am currently waiting for a couch and chair.  Let me tell you, folding chairs are NOT the best way to end the day.  But, I am thankful that my sis loaned me these.  I can still put my feet up and watch a little TV at the end of the day.
I am however tired of boxes!!  I have a layout plan that involves refinishing a piece of furniture (I am starting that right after I am finished writing this for you all!) But, I can't unpack my scrapbooks until I move the shelves the TV is on right now.  It is going behind my desk so the books are close to my creative space.  My 'project' is going to hold the TV.  Then I hope to have room for all the little pretties I was to display in my living room.

Can you see the sewing machine in the corner?  That was my great great grandmothers!  A gift from my Uncle Bob last summer!  I am so excited to finally have it set up, although, I am not sure that is where it is staying.  The box on top is a button box and I believe it was made by my grandfather for grandma E.  I love it and store, what else, scrapbooking supplies in it.
I can't post without the latest picture of my beautiful grand daughter!  She went to a car event with my sone and daughter in love last weekend and went to work!  ;-)  What a doll.  And determined!  When she gets that look in her eyes, look out!  There is no stopping her!

And one last little thing for this post.  This is the couch, chair, and pillows I am waiting on.  It is so hard to find things that fit this short little body God blessed me with.  But, after checking every furniture store in town, I finally found furniture for short people!  And I love it.  Can't wait till it gets here!  I'll post pictures when it does, I promise.

So, for today, that is it.  I am off to refinish some furniture and go to a wedding!  I hope you all have a great week and do something creative!