Sunday, September 23, 2012


I should warn you that this post is going to be brutally honest.  I am not going to sugar coat the state of my room at all and I am going to confess some cold hard facts on a public forum.  This is really scary, but the truth is .... I cocoon!  You know what that is right?  I build piles ... all around myself.  Piles of things I need to do, things I need to finish, things I want to think about and things that need homes.

Then I get ambitious, or frustrated and I start moving my piles!  This is a big mistake.  Because then, you see, I put pictures that belong here ... somewhere 'safe' where I will 'remember' where they are because it is 'logical'.  AT THAT MOMENT!! When I go to look for said pictures - they are GONE. POOF!  I have no idea where I would have put them, but I am sure I will find them ... 15 minutes after I finish the page that I needed them for so I went out and had them all reprinted.  So, that my friends is the truth about my scrap room.  I am constantly trying to find a 'system' that works for me.  And someday, I truly believe that I will get organised, but for now ... this is what my table mostly looks like.  Some days a little better, some days a little worse.  But mostly .... cocooned.

The one thing I have implemented and that seems to be working well for me is my stamp storage. I scan all my stamps and save them alphabetically to my computer in a very specific file!!  So I can find it!  And, since I am a very visual creator, when I am ready for a stamp, I look through my files and I know EXACTLY where to find the stamp I am looking for.  And, I made the storage pretty, since I am going to have to look at it (once I find homes for all the stuff in front of my boxes!)

 I used left over paper and my Art Philosophy cartridge to decorate the boxes. 

Guess which size I have the most of??
Some of the boxes are STUFFED and some of them are 1/2 empty.  I am sure that I need to purge a bunch of stamps, but I am waiting until I am sure I have them ALL scanned so I can make good choices. This is the limit I have for storage boxes though, so I am pretty sure that for every stamp I purchase ,soon, I am going to have to get rid of one.  I hope I can do it!  I still have about 20 stamps to scan (right now!) and file. Then I can start making some choices. Every catalog it gets harder and harder, because I am pretty careful to only buy what I love.

So, my friends, that is a peek into my scrap room.  I would give you a real tour, but I keep tripping over the piles on the floor that I am looking for homes for.  I think after this retreat one pile will be totally handled!  Yeah!  then I can find homes for all these things .......   connie