Saturday, April 8, 2017

Is it APRIL??

Good Day my friends!  What an amazing ride this year has been.  One would think that not having a house to sell, and not having a husband to take care of, I would have time to get things done.  Well, the truth is, I'm just about ready for January to start.  And, It's, APRIL 2!

I really can't complain. I have had so much fun this year already.  A road trip to Minn. in February with my sis. and I just finished a scrap booking retreat with friends that I have scrapped with for years.  In the mean time, I have spent lots of time with girlfriends, and lots of time catching up on some scrapbooking.

This weekend, I made 2 mini baby albums for a good friend of mine.  He step daughter is having a boy in May and her daughter is having a boy in July, so I wanted to have basically the same thing for both of them.  I am so excited for them all.

I used up a retired set of pocket life cards from CTMH, and the paper that coordinates with them.  Then I added fun cuts from the ARTBOOKING cartridge from CTMH and inked all the layers.  Putting them all together was fun.  I am still planning on adding embellishments and banners and stamping a little bit through out the albums.  I'm pretty sure one of our older sets has a weight/height stamp I can put on each month for mommy(s) to fill in.  and I think a 'CURRENTLY' card will be necessary throughout the albums too.  You know, CURRENTLY eating, CURRENTLY loving, CURRENTLY saying .... All the wonderful things we want to remember about our children but often forget.

As I sit here chatting with you all, I have my planner open next to me, and I realize I have a very full life (even though I get pouty now and then) and I am very thankful for that.  I have a ton of friends and a ton of interests to keep me out of trouble.  That's a good thing  - right?

Tonight I have a meeting and when I get home, I hope to start laying out pictures of my grand daughters first visit to REPTILE GARDENS.  CTMH has the cutest 'bug' paper , and I've known since I saw it that REPTILE GARDENS would be the subject for it.  It looked like miss Z had fun.  I saw a video of her befriending a lizard....  I'm betting her mama din't let her bring it home!

So, blah, blah, blah ....  It's time for me to let you go.  I'll get some more art up soon.  C

Saturday, January 7, 2017

December is coming (OOPS!)

Well, look what happens when you open your blog in JANUARY!  I took pictures several days in December, saved them to my BLOG to write a nice BLOG update, and then walked away.  Who does that?

So, this happened.  I fell in love with my XYRON 250 again!  When using the CTMH die cuts, this is perfect for adhering them.  Just run them through the XYRON, and there is adhesive o those little tiny lines, and everything sticks where you want it to.  LOVE IT!!

I had actually planned on this being a teaser for my CHRISTMAS CARD/ PARTY INVITATION.  But, they have been sent and received , so no teaser.  But, I loved working with the CTMH die cuts for the cards.  It made them go so fast!  This may be my tool of the year!  

So, since this is getting out about a month late, I am going to stop here and post it.  You will be hearing from me again atlas once again today.  :-)  c