Saturday, August 5, 2017

Having a plan

So, everyone who knows me knows that I always have "a plan"  something I am brewing in my mind taking in the 'whole' picture and planning the steps I will take to reach the end result I am desiring.

When I found out that my son and his significant other were expecting their second child, I started hatching the 'plan'.  

I made 4 baby albums for my first grandchild. 😱 One for each of four families.  Myself, the parents, the other grandparents, and my mom and dad (great grandparents) all got albums.  Four albums. I started with a plan and then DIDN'T follow through.  By the end of the albums, it was total chaos!!  I did not want to have that happening with this baby.  I needed a better plan.

About the time we found out about the second baby coming, one of the wonderful designers at CLOSE TO MY HEART developed a BABY'S FIRST YEAR workshop using the WHIMSY FUNDAMENTAL paper pack. 💗 This was the answer to my prayer!!  A simple scrapbook, I could pre make, that I could make multiples of and just drop pictures into.  
This, my friends, was my plan!

So, some of my friends and I did the work shop together.  They are perfect!!  I love them.  I made 2 books worth of pages from one paper pack and they were all ready to go when my little Rowan entered the world!  

Of course, by the time he arrived, I had already decided that I was going to customize the baby books a little bit by accenting them with dinosaurs!!  I would use some of the 2016/17 CTMH color of the year SEA GLASS and left over WHIMSY paper to make adorable baby dinosaurs with my CRICUT machine.  

Shortly after Mr. R was born and I started the album thinking I was so on top of things!  I had a plan, after all.  You all know what happened next, right?  
God laughs at those who have plans!  

I forgot that I needed a title page! 
So, I make one.  I used the SEAGLASS CS and some of the WHIMSY FUNDAMENTALS. A tag, I love adding those to pages, and a couple dinosaur eggs!   
What better than the picture of Zoey's t-shirt and the story of how 'she' told us?

Oh!  and then, I need to put in the pictures of the maternity shoot we did a few weeks before he was born!  I didn't even consider those when I made my 'plan'!  Shoot, another adjustment to the plan.  Oh well, scrapbookers are flexible!  

I love this paper.  I knew the minute I saw it I would use it for the maternity pictures. After the monthly club where we made them, I just tucked them away for these pictures. I was hoping to get more of Laura and Miss Z, but she would have none of it.  

Now, I thought, I can get to the birth/hospital pictures and then the 'ready' album.  Nope.  I still needed to add the gender reveal pictures.  Maybe I take too many pictures.  What do you think?

The point of this rambling post is, 
Have a plan!  
(but stay flexible!)  

I will continue posting pages from this album as I get them done.  Hang in there!  
See you all soon!

Until then, keep scrappin!  C

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