Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting over ... Again

Well, this month has been nothing but a series of family crises' and so once again I have let things like my blog slip. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't crafted or followed anyone elses' blogs and websites like I usually do either. However, I am going to make a big effort to get back on track. Starting with this months BoM challenge. I have run across so many ideas this morning and have even thought of the things that relate to May - birthdays, mom's day ..... but in the end, I think we will just do a page about every day. Let's do a page about our nightly routines.

What do you do every night before bed? It can be one thing that you elaborate on or a series of routines that you journal about so your family knows a bit of what your life was like.

I hope to get my page done today and post it tomorrow. In the meantime, I have started to get control of some of the commitments that I have made and get my life back on the track I have laid for it. See you tomorrow, c

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