Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scrapper Beware!

So, I was getting ready for the local State Fair, trying to get all my layouts together to enter, and I couldn't find one.  I went through EVERY Album, every bag and box with paper in it, in every room.  Hours, days, I spent looking for this layout.  I knew it was beautiful, it would win a great ribbon and it would really represent Close to my Heart well in our community. 

Isn't it beautiful?  And I had a spot for a baby layout (I entered 15 layouts). So, I hunted and hunted.  I narrowed it down enough to know it was in a book, but which book? 

Then it dawned on me!

It is in the baby book I MAILED TO MY NEPHEW LAST WEEK!
No wonder I couldn't find it! 

This is the result of having way too many ongoing projects! 
Scrapper beware!

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