Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new Class for my Friends!

I have been meaning to get a project done so that I could post it here, so that I could teach a class on it.  And then, well, life happened.  I have mentioned that before on this blog I believe. It was in the plans for last week and I was lucky enough to catch the stomach bug that has been going around, so I didn't get it made.  But, that doesn't mean that I don't want to teach the class. So, here are some pictures of the envelope album I am going to be teaching on the 29th.  Only, imagine it is a winter theme, in blues and greys.  With lots of snowflakes and glitter.  You get the idea!  You are all creative talented people, I know you can imagine it.
The front cover

Look at all the room for pictures and journaling!! 

And the TAGS!  my goodness!

This looks so hard, but it really is a fun easy project. 

I would love to teach you how.  

Just contact me and we will get you signed up for the class!

Don't forget though, think SNOW!  Ours will be COOL!

See you in class!  c

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