Sunday, November 18, 2012

DAKOTA workshop results

 Well, we got out the CRICUTS and rounded us up some pictures and some inks and made some mighty fine pages in CLUB this month.  I had to dig extra deep to find some pictures, because my family is no where close to rural!  And this is definitely some rural WESTERN paper.  Thank goodness for nieces and nephews!

I try to include a page about each of the families that we are close to in my albums every year, and I think these portraits, taken by a friend of Chelsea's, are a great way to end the 2012 album.  I will have a page for each of the other families too, when I can get my hands on some pictures!  ;)

 I love how the special cut oval accents the larger family picture here. 

 With the family picture in the middle, I wanted to keep the focus on the couple first, so I kept their picture on the left hand page.  Going with how the eye is going to move across the page. 
Then on the right page I could focus on the kids more.  I did put special emphasis on our nephew and his daughter, they look so much alike. 

The cards were fun!  I picked a card from our idea book (page 107) and designed the 3 cards this month on that layout design. 

I just moved things around, and added stamping until I was comfortable with the final card.  

 Each of the cards has a bit of a different feel, but they are all masculine and will make great birthday cards.  
A little bit of that western flair makes this one my favorite.  

See you next time, connie

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