Friday, April 26, 2013

Creating with something new

I really do use some products that aren't Close to my Heart now and then. I've had these stamps in my cupboard for ages. I bought them because I LOVE the dancers.but I had never used them. The phrases aren't CTMH either, just so I don't get pegged on that.  The paper is!  It's from a really old kit, even a NSD special kit if I remember right. Anyway, this week, that was my challenge. Use stamps I love but hadn't used. This was the end result. I only got 4 made so far.  I took them to work and sold them immediately!  So, I will be making more!   I hope you have a creative week this week!  c

This dancing lady stamp set is from the now closed ANGEL COMPANY.  I love this stamp set.  I love the JOY and CELEBRATION that these ladies show.

They make me think of old time Jazz music, or MARTI GRAS (probably not spelling that right!  oh well. )

So, I wrote this post ages ago and never published it!  Today it goes up!  See you soon!  C

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