Friday, October 25, 2013

Retreat week!

Well, you all know that we were snowed out o the retreat that I was going to host a few weeks ago, but did you know I planned on attending a second retreat this month?  I can't say my hubby is thrilled with me, but he does spoil me and doesn't put up to much of a fuss about the retreats in the fall.

I actually only attend 3 a year, and I host 2 of them, so they are a bit of work.  This one is awesome because I am actually working on my family albums and not fussing about how everyone is doing and watching clocks and worrying if people are having a good time.  Not that I mind that at all, I still enjoy my retreats, but this is a bit more relaxing!

So, one of the reasons I am excited about this retreat, is that I am going to be working on my 2012 album, which I have decided I am going to do BECKY HIGGINS PROJECT LIFE style.  I am hoping to get the whole year done in one weekend.  (scary huh?) But, I think I may be able to do it.  And, this is the pile of stuff I am taking to the retreat.  Yes!!  this is all.  I know right??  Not the huge car load I usually have.   Oh, I am taking my CRICUT and my GYPSY too, but that is it!  So, wish me luck and I will send you updates from the CROP!

Have a super weekend !  I know I will - Connie

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