Thursday, March 24, 2016


I love this time of year.  The air smells so good and the fresh snow is so wet and heavy.  It is full of moisture and new life for the earth to grow and renew!  I feel very energized and optimistic in the spring.  And, the knowledge that my family will be all together for a wonderful meal later this week (HAM!  my favorite!!) is an added bonus!  

I wish I had some of these cards in the mail already!  But there is a chance they will go out today.  We'll see how motivated I am after the tax work is done for the day. (NO!!  I'm not done yet.  :-(  )

Anyway, these are so cute!!  And, I am not someone who particularly likes to color images, but the WATER COLORING of these cards was fun and quick!  

 I did use the PENELOPE paper workshop for the design of these cards.  But replaced the paper, of course, with the KALEIDOSCOPE paper.  I couldn't make up my mind on some of them, which paper I wanted to use, so I used the front AND the back of the cut paper.  
 I think it worked rather well.  I love these cute little fox!  And I LOVE the WATERCOLOR splatter technique on the card.  

I should point out that I have not embellished these cards with any PLAYFUL PUFFIES or other embellishments.  I ran out of the PLAYFUL PUFFIES and didn't get enough to do a second set of cards!  Bad Connie!!  I am planning on going through my stash and adding a little something to all the cards later.  
 This frog may be my favorite out of the whole stamp set.  
Notice the MINI STAPLES in the banners.  Such a nice extra layer of detail! 
And using the SPRING CRITTER THIN CUTS made the cards super easy!  
The stamp set is #C1638  SPRING CRITTERS.  

As much as I thought I would teach this and then sell the thin cuts and stamp set, I believe I am going to keep it.  I like it way more than I thought I would.  

So, Spring has Sprung!  Now on to some creative time.  I hope you all get to play today!  Connie

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