Wednesday, August 17, 2016

And the end is near!

Well, it's about time for me to update you all.  

The house has been sold, for the second time!  But we are past the point of no return and I am mentally moving one to the new life I have been looking forward to for a year! I am moving LABOR DAY weekend and hope to get some basic organization done very quickly.  I want to hit the ground running with my scrapbooking. In my head, I have a plan on how to get the apartment put together. I have some projects already in mind to make a beautiful space for me to live and create in.  I am going to be posting a lot more here, and I am going to be doing a lot more creative scrapbooking once I get semi settled  

I kind of feel like it it the week between Christmas and New Year's day the way my mind is going.  I am planning.  I am trying to put together the list of specials I am going to offer at my daily  job (anyone need a facial??) and a plan on how to offer classes for my scrapbooking friends over the next few months.  I am excited to have the time and the place to offer more creative time to my customers.  

There is SO MUCH fun stuff in our new catalogs.  I have 2 very specific classes that I am going to offer and I am so excited about them.  But, I am not spilling the beans here, I am going to announce them once I get some dates locked in.  We are going to rock it this year!  I'm also getting our schedule worked out for our CLUB paper pack list and fun things that we will be doing this year.  

Right now, I am working on the kitchen table, trying to make some creative time without having all my creative 'stuff' accessible. It is interesting to only have a small amount of papers and accents to work with.  I am anxious to be able to actually sit down and scrap what I feel like scrapping not just what I have within reach.  

This week, I finished up the FLORENCE workshop, and I am so excited to get together with my friends to put this pretty kit together.  It is always such a blessing for me to get together with my friends once a month and spend the whole day visiting and being creative.  And, although I didn't think I would like the cards, I really do like them!  I was going to sell my stamp and thin cuts right away after CLUB, but I think I'm keeping this one and I am going to make many more cards with them.  

I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with my beautiful grand daughter!  It is the most amazing thing, being a grandmother.  She is bringing love and JOY into my life at a time that I am appreciating it so much.  And having a daughter-in-love is an experience that I am also so thankful for.  She is adding a new element to my life that I can only compare to what I thought having a daughter would be like. Without the challenge of raising her.  LOL  So, as I end today's post, I want to share my thankfulness for the good things in my life.  God has blessed me in so many ways and I am thankful to have you, my friends along with all the other JOYS I experience on a daily basis.  


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