Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a New Year

I know that all of you know that already, but I'm a little slower than some and the new year is just now starting to catch up to me.  One of the things that sort of got pushed to the side last year and most especially during the holidays were our monthly challenges.

You thought I had forgotten didn't you!!?  Well, not only didn't I forget, I have the challenges for the whole year planned out, so there will be no excise for you not to get them.  I will post them at the first of each month, and hopefully, you will send me a picture of your 'answer' to the challenge at some time during the year.  I am really excited about that this year.

I have 4 different challenges each month. 1. A Book of Me page challenge.  It doesn't matter what size the page is or what product you use, just make a page about YOU!!  I plan on posting one about ME every month.  One rule for this one, you must journal.  2. Card challenge - make a card using the layout of the challenge.  3. Layout challenge - make a page using the layout in the challenge (challenges can be combined!)  4. Product challenge - try some of our great products!  I will tell you which one to try each month.  Use it on your page or your card!   5. Color Combination challenge - I will give you the colors!  6. Technique challenge- try a new technique!  I find all kinds of things I can do but never have.  Let's try some of those 'out of the box' things!!

So, those are the fun things I hope to have going on this year.  I know I will do them, will you play with me?  All entrants can send a picture to me or have me take a picture of your entry at a meeting or class.  I hope to give away a prize every month and a big one at the end of the year.  I also hope to share your entries on the blog.  Let's show some ART!

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