Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new year - more craziness!

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I posted.  I am really losing it!  ha ha   I am deep in the throws of taxes (Oh Why , oh why don't I keep up with this all year long?!)  and getting ready for our annual retreat.  I am so excited!  I know all the girls are planning what they are going to bring and what they are going to work on.  I think I am going to be working on some mini albums - for ME!  Something I have not done for years. 

But, before I start packing things up, I thought I should share some of the pictures from our Christmas parties this year. (It is February! I would think you would be ready to scrapbook these! ha ha) I am going to start with my Rapid City afternoon group. We met at Michele's house and had wine and appetizers with our projects! It was awesome!

 These girls look ready to work, don't they? 

 I really think we were mostly excited about the gift exchange.

 These decorated frames were the project I planned for the party.  So easy to have a special frame for any event - just a little paper and creativity!
 Every one's frame was a little bit different!
 And we had a new crafter join us at the party, Michele's daughter stayed with us and made her own scrapbook!  I love when they join us young!

Then of course I had the party with my Rapid City evening group.  We met in the afternoon in December, so it was different right from the start.

 The sisters got started right away.  I think they were checking out the gift table!
 I used my CRICUT and cut this bunch some layered trees and ornaments.
 There may have been a bit of glitter roaming around the room too.
 Everyone got extremely creative.  Check out how the glitter is layered on this ornament!
The gift table was most impressive! And everyone was so creative with their gifts. I got a desk post it note holder, there was a framed scrapbook page,

 And I think our frames ROCKED! 
And finally, I got a chance to party in STURGIS!
There is a rumor going around that we do more chatting than work. 

But we all seem to get focused at the same time. 

 Everyone got to do a frame and make it their own.

 And they all were so pretty! 
 I couldn't wait to get my 2010 Christmas picture in mine!

We all have a good time, every month. And this month, I get to play with these girls for an extra weekend - at RETREAT!!!!  Yeah!

See you soon!  connie

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