Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catching up

I have had such a productive month!!  I finished off 6 - yes 6! - paper packs at our spring retreat.  I made 60 cards and 16 pages!  It was so nice to finish some paper packs so I don't feel so guilty about playing with our new papers.  And one should NEVER  feel guilty about shopping should they? With so much paper in my scrap room to be used, I sometimes do.  And I often don't buy because I have so much.  This year the plan is use stuff up and finish stuff up!

I'm not really a new years resolution kind of girl, but I do try to set some goals.  This year I plan on finishing My youngest son's Eagle Scout album, I hope to finish my 2011 album, and I would like to start sending cards over seas again.  I have someone looking for a contact for me now.  This is a great way to finish off those paper packs that I have scrapped all I can with the paper, but there is SO much left.  Cards are my answer!  I make as many as I can with the left over paper.  Then it is used, it is useful, and ....I can shop again!!

Oh, I see I got sidetracked again.  ha ha   The other thing I got done this month was to finally finish my 2010 album.  It has been laying open in my scrap room,  with just a few pages needed, for almost a year.  A few nights ago, I had a free night and decided it was time to get it done!  So,  a few of the last pages are below.  

 I had several pages of my niece and great nephew's visit that year, but never got around to scrapping the family pictures. Or the page where my great nephew told his mom that "Girls go on the back!!" of the motorcycle.  Where do boys get these thoughts??  ha ha

 I also needed to finish the rally pictures from that year.  As a rule, I don't take many, but we had been in contact with my cousin, and I needed to tease him about what he was missing.  So, when we were in Sturgis, I would take a picture and text it to him right away.  He did figure out that we really wished he had come to play with us.  

And then there were the random pictures from that summer.  My friends Kathy and Bev who work the Rally every year, and my friends Lisa and Tina who visit us from Texas every year. It is so important to remember those people that you love in your albums.  Even if it is on a really BRIGHT page with REALLY OLD paper.  I think this paper is from the year I started with CTMH , 9 years ago.  It is almost used up.  Now I need to go and make some cards.

see you soon, 

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