Sunday, October 26, 2014

A day for me

So.... I'm sure you all have heard the saying, "the best laid plans ..."  I've had one of those days.  I have looked forward to this day all week long.  I planned on getting some of my Christmas gifts started if not done and wrapped.  Well.....

I have a nice breakfast, finish my coffee, and I am ready to get started.  Do you remember this kit from the last catalog??

I decided that these would make great gifts for my boys, so I was going to make 3 of them.  I bought the canvases when they were on sale last month at Michael s, and I bought the paint I wanted to use a few weeks ago.  The other thing I had ready was the HEIDI SWAPP stencil I was sure would mimic the CTMH chevron in the original kit.  I was good to go! 

Only ..... where is the paint?  It must be here somewhere .... 2o minutes later ... I threw on some clothes and ran to Micheal's and bought a new tube of paint. Not my plan.  But, Santa got me a gift while I was there.  I'm sure it will be wrapped and under the tree on Dec. 24!  ;-)  Project life is on sale this week and I have had my eye on one of the HEIDI SWAPP kits.  (yeah!!)

Anyway, back to my story.  So I come home, get started again, and I am ready to start putting things together.  I just need to print a few pictures.                       
 Print..... a few..... pictures.      
 Oh NO!!  No ink!! 
How does this happen?  I do not want to go back into town.  I have things to do.  

So .....
I make some lunch, eat, pout, put my shoes on and head back into town to get ink.  Pout some more, and finally get home so I can get this done.  

I am happy to report that 2 of the 3 are done and the pictures are printed and the detail work is done for the third.  I don't plan to quit tonight until all 3 are done and wrapped.

I love feeling like I have a head start on Christmas.  Now, what am I going to do for the daughter-in-love?

How are you doing on your Christmas list?   C

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