Thursday, January 9, 2014

So thankful for my second job!

This is Glitter Tape.  I got it from Michael's for a ridiculously low price.  But, I wouldn't have even looked twice at it if I had not done the BABY CAKES WORKSHOP ON THE GO by CLOSE TO MY HEART. I absolutely HATE glitter ribbon.  But, working with glitter tape is an amazingly easy experience.  Once you figure out how to get the backing off, which can be a trick, it goes on and stays on - so smooth.  And it adds the sparkle  that a page or card needs now and then.

Don't tell my sister I said things need sparkle now and then.  She'll have a coronary.  I'm not much of a sparkle person.  But, a touch, now and then, is good for the soul.

So, this is my Michael's stash of glitter tape.  And I have all of the CTMH glitter tape so far.  I am thrilled that the new catalog has PURPLE tape!!  How fun is that going to be on the LAUGHING LOLA pocket life pages?!  I can't wait to play with all of the new things!

I hope you are spending time in your creative happy place today.  I know I am!  Connie

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