Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

It is coming.  Weather we like it or not, it is going to be here soon, so I am scouring the Internet looking for fun gift ideas for my Scrapbooking Clubs' gift exchanges.  In 2 of them, we do home made and in 1 we do a 'supply/fun supply' gift exchange.  It is always so fun to see the things people find when they are out shopping! And the things people make for each other!!  I am hanging with some seriously talented ladies! 

In the last month, I have taught 3 workshops (club) and 3 Cricut Basics classes.  I am back to work about 1/2 time too, so I am staying very busy.  We are about to watch my son move back to Denver.  He didn't stay here very long after college.  He appears to like the city life.  At 21, I suppose I did too.   :)   And, my youngest son and my husband are both about to be working different jobs.  DH has been working construction for the last 18 months, and they are about to lay off, so he is looking for something more stable.   I am all about that!!  We got a call this morning for an interview at one of the place he applied, so fingers crossed!   And my youngest son's job ended awhile ago, but I am just sure (praying) that this is the week he will find something.

So, in a nut shell, that has been my week.  No crafting this week, but I am sure I will have something for you next week.   Well, that isn't quite true,  I made the cutest Halloween cards for my niece and nephews, but forgot to take pictures before I mailed them.  oops.  Next week I will remember the camera!!    :)   see you soon, c

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