Sunday, January 10, 2016

A New Year Begins

Well, hello. I wanted to say good morning , but most of the day is gone and I am just getting to this. Some days go like that, but at least I'm here!

I finally am getting around to actually documenting my New Year's resolutions, although I have been working on them since the first. Do you make resolutions? How is it going? Are you following thru? When you screw up (and we all do) are you hard on yourself? Please don't be. That is my friend you are talking to you know.

I decided to skip the lose weight/ get healthy resolution and stick to some things that I have already been working towards. I am just now solidifying them. So, should we share? Tell my yours and I'll tell you mine.

1. Taking an online class just for me! I love this and am really excited about it. I am taking ONE LITTLE WORD, a class by Ali Edwards. This is an ongoing meditation if you will where you focus on and filter your life through a word of your choosing. Ali gives us a video and prompts every month which we work on and share (if we choose) on closed sites. My word this year is JOY for a variety of reasons. And, just so you know, it is January 10, and my JOY has already been severely challenged. I'm working through it.

2. BLOG! OK, I know i promise to do this more often frequently. I am not going to promise this time. My plan is to BLOG on Sundays for sure, and maybe more often as things fall into place. We will see how the year pans out. I am optimistic!

3. PLANNING - OK, most of you know that I was THRILLED with the new CTMH planner that came out in December. I still am. But, as much of a 'planner girl' as I used to be, I have gotten out of the habit. My goal is to plan the week out on Sundays and then OPEN THE PLANNER!! every day during the week. I think our planner is such a great way to not only plan your life, but record it! You'll see why I say that soon!

4. Sell the House! I have made great strides in getting things going. The work is getting started and things are on the calendar with my and my handy man. So, I am hoping it will be on the market by June 1.

5. SCRAP MORE!! This is part of my planner/ JOY thing. I am planning on scrapping at least one day a week. I was going to do it Sunday's when I plan, but I think I run out of time. Fridays might be good. I have made some changes in my life that free up a lot of time on Fridays.

              On a side note: my secondary goal is to be like Amanda! Those girls in my scrapping      club will appreciate this, but for those who haven't been to my retreats, an explanation. Amanda cleans her area between EVERY project! Wow! I didn't know you could do that! So, my goal? Clean it up before I go to bed every night! And, pick up between projects.

              I am also on a NO SPEND for awhile. I have so much in my scrap room, and that doesn't even consider what is in my storage unit. I am going to scrap with no buying until I have a significant reduction in supplies! 

Cleared of my scrapping area, move my computer back here, and made sure that I can work with my photo printer and CRICUT easily and still scrap. After 10 days it seem to be working great!

It is so interesting working with a limited supply. I feel like I am spending less time looking for things and more time accomplishing something. I think this is a good plan. Now, to keep a schedule that is paced to maintain production!

6. Take care of myself. I need to remember to refill the tank. I give a lot of emotional support to my family and my friends and customers at work. I need to remember to take time every week, if not every day to refill the emotional tank and make sure I'm good so I can go out and do it again.

So, that is the first Sunday blog post. I know I didn't show you anything I have done, but it's coming. Soon ..... Connie

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