Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Whispers!

So, real life has invaded my peaceful and productive mode!   Do you find this, or is it just my brain, or my life maybe?  I am super productive in the things I WANT to do for a while, like the last couple weeks have been, and then WHAM! Real life kicks in and I find I have to spend my time on things I probably should have been keeping up with on my "vacation".

This morning I got up and realized that I still have a huge stack of mail and bills on the table from the last couple weeks that I really needed to deal with (it's done!  Yea me!)  And I have a couple projects that I have parts and pieces for all over the house.  (I'm getting to those next!)  And housework!  Do we really have to go there?   OK- I did acknowledge that last night after work and cleaned my kitchen and a bathroom.  And laundry is caught up!  But, I really should do some things like vacuum and dust.  Yuck!  OK,OK .... I'll vacuum before work!  You can hold me accountable!  ha ha

My planner definitely needs some revision to hold me more in check.  I need to do "must do"s and "want to do"s at the same time.  I was watching a planner video on YOU TUBE last night, and the gal who did it said that she listed her top 3 every day.  Hhmmmm ....I think that is interesting.  A good concept and who can't do 3 things a day?  Right?  So, starting today (for tomorrow) I am going to try 3 things. It's getting the right 3 things done that might be a problem for me.

Speaking of planners.  I want to pass on a little tip.  I got a wedding invitation the other day.  The wedding is in May, but I needed to get the reception card back this week, so I was dealing with it.  (remember, I went through my mail pile! ) So, I filled out the reception card, stamped it and put it in the outgoing mail pile ready to stop by the post office.  Now I have a wedding invitation for MAY! I have a horrible memory and there are directions to the reception on the invitation.  How will I ever keep track of that?!  My CTMH planner to the rescue!  I flipped to the May monthly calendar, and wrote the times and event in.

And if you know me, you know I like to write in pencil in my planner, so it's not very dark.  So, now I have the event in my monthly page, what about those directions?  

I didn't want to write them on the daily page, where would I put my "to do" list?  So, I took a 4X6 notecard, decorated the edges with WASHI TAPE (this will help holes not to rip too) and wrote the directions on there.  They are saved, when I need to get to the locations, I can take notecard out of my planner easily to refer to, and, the invitation is in my ephemera box for 2016 do I can scrap it when the time comes!  Win Win!  

And my weekly pages for this week ... pretty plain. 

Sunday morning is my day to plan, usually with no time constraints, but last Sunday I had my CLUB in the afternoon, so my time had to be 'well spent' instead of 'at my leisure'!  I basically got written down a few of the things I wanted to accomplish this week and that's it.  Since then I have done a bit of stamping and updating of 'things to do' but - this week is going to be a wash in the decorating dept. ha ha! 

I took the pictures before I checked my lists for today, and I actually have quite a few of those things done and checked off right now.  Maybe that will calm down the anxiety in my brain! Before I took the time to check the 'plan' I was feeling quite tense and out of control. I love having things written down!  

Well, now that we've had our little visit, I better get going on my "3" lists and checking off a few more things today before work.  See you soon, and spend some time crafting today, even if its only in your dreams!  :-)    connie

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