Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday update

Good Morning.  How is everyone today?  I have had a good week, but not quite as productive as I had been the last 2 weeks.  My oldest son is back to work, and my daughter in love doesn't have her drivers license yet, so, it eats up a lot of my time.  I don't know that I'm really unhappy about that, but, it is nice when my son is home so I  have extra time to play!

Anyway, I digress!  I am here to talk about My scrapbooking club meeting today!  I am so excited!  I don't think I have seen my girls in a month and I have missed them.  I have so much to share!  This month, we are working on the La Vie En Rose  paper pack.  I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but my goal this year is to use up ALL the papers every month.  This month, I almost did it!  Here is what I made:
So - I apologize for the bad pictures!  But, in my defense, it is like -10* outside and I am not headed out there any sooner than I have to.  This is my layout using the CTMH design that came in the workshop.  I think it is a great layout, but a little "lovey". My single sister would never make it exactly the way they have it done.  Of course, the words and titles can all be changed to fit what ever need you have.  As a consultant, I like to do at least one layout the way the designers have planned it.
A bit of a closer look at my silly family! 

In my quest to use up all the paper in the workshop, I decide that I would do a page for as many of my children's books as I could.  (I was going to say for each of my children, but my youngest NEVER has any pictures for me to scrap!)   So, this is a page for my bonus child's album.  I generally do a 1 page spread for his albums, unless it is a big event. 

He went to see his grandparents over new years and had a wonderful time.  Not many pictures though. 

 Did you notice that I used a FACE BOOK POST?  His grandmother posted something and I thought in future years, it would be cool to tell his kids that MAMAW was on social media! I just did a screen shop with my phone and then printed it off.  It was kinda tricky to get all the embellishments in too!  But, I wanted it to be a LA VIE EN ROSE page for sure!  

The next step, making an opening page for my album.  Welcome 2016!  I don't know that I'm going to be doing all pocket pages this year, but, the new workshop style is incorporating pocket pages in they fray.  I thought I would give it a try.  I must say, I am very happy with how they turned out.  

I love all the GOLD touches that I got to add to this layout.  I knew I needed to put those in there to balance out the LA VIE EN ROSE GOLD FOIL TAPE accents!  This layout turned out just how I wanted it to!  

Of course, now I needed to get the cards made.  There are so many ideas on PINTEREST! That always seems to be my starting point for ideas, then, I just get in my scrap room and see what happens.  This month, this is what happened. 

I personally, don't care for the ROSES B&T, but, it makes a great accent on cards and I loved using it as the base for the banners on cards 2&3. How about a closer look?

So, guess what!  I STILL HAVE PAPER LEFT!! Not a bunch, but enough for one or two pages or several more cards.  I am going to work on getting it used up today and tomorrow so I will be ready to move on to the paper pack we are using in February.  

For now, I need to go get ready to go to CLUB!  See you Wednesday, 

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