Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Working Wednesday!

Good Morning.  Well, it's the second post of the new year.  I can see how this could work if my life keeps going the way it is.  I have accomplished so much in the last 12 days, I am amazed!

Today, I woke up, not with a list of things to do on my mind, but with thoughts of my oldest son.  He is 26 today.  How did that happen?  He is older than me.  Is that possible?  I only feel 16 most days.  My body tells me different.  And so do the books of memories I have to look through and laugh, and cry and  .... remember.  How does one  and not have their heart burst with love?  I just don't know.  Some days, like today, I think of my children and I feel like my heart will explode with pride and awe.  How did I raise such amazing men?  I am so proud of them.  What a legacy I get to leave.

So, now that I am all teary ... let me share with you what I have been working on for the last few days.  First off, my planner pages for this week.

OK,  so no matter what I do today, these will not open upside right.  Sorry about that.  I just wanted to show you a couple things.  I am using my WASHI TAPE!  I have a HUGE collection and I just don't use it enough, so I dug it out and plan on using it on every page.  The SHOE washi is showing a shopping day with my daughter in love.  My granddaughter is in need of some bigger sleepers, she is growing like a weed.   

The ARROW washi tape is pointing to a very important day.  CTMH club day.  We get to get together and play on Sunday!  YEAH!!  I am so looking forward to starting this year off.  We have a lot to talk about and plan for the upcoming year.  

The BLACK washi going vertically is separating my 'normal chores' from the special things I want to get done.  like prepping my upstairs bathroom for painting and taking my daughter in love to much for her birthday.  

The SINGLE CAMERA  from my camera washi, just draws attention to a few things I would like to pick up this week.  The stamp I used here is one of the CTMH roller stamps.  How fun is the font on this stamp?? I need socks for work instead of my athletic socks.  I know its a silly thing, but If i don't write it down ....   

So, I also find that I have some 'running lists' random thoughts, long term goals, etc.  I have added 2 decorated note cards in my planner.  I just move then from week to week, and when they get full, I'll make another one. So many things I want to do.  It is just overwhelming. 

This morning, my goal was to finish the HALLOWEEN paper pack from CTMH that we worked on in Oct. or Sept.?  I don't remember.  But, I knew what picture I wanted for the left page and had to wait for the right page.  My kids spent Halloween in Denver, so I wasn't actually there to see Miss Z's costume, but weren't they cute??  And the super close up of Miss Z is one of my favorites!  I love the little pout and the drool on her lips.  Could just be the photographer in me.  I love the details.  

We made both of these pages in Club, and I will be putting these in Will and Laura's book.  I am only going to do a 1 page layout for my book.  Maybe face it with pictures I made at the ZOMBIE WALK in downtown Rapid City.  Some gross pictures, let me tell you.  

I thought you might like to see what I've been up to today, so there you are.  Now, I am off to work on Christmas pages.  I want to get those don this week too.   

Keep scrapping'  

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