Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a couple notes!

The first note today is a little warning.  Never, Ever, Never re-ink your ink pads when you are frustrated because they are so dry!  What may happen is that you decide to really make sure they are inked up and you end up with a big ol' mess! 
I ended up with black ink clear up to my elbows!!  and I am still wiping it off the sides of my ink pad - BUT my pad is now nice and juicy just like I like it.  I wait too long between re-inkings.  Should you be checking your ink pads?  Don't forget that we offer re-inkers for all of out CTMH pads!

 I am so proud of this page! I have been playing with my DSIL's gypsy for about a week now and this is my very first shadowed cut, done on the same mat at one time.  Does that make sense?
 This is what the finished page looks like.  Using up some really old CTMH paper.  Lime green and moonstruck blue.  WOW!  Eye popping combination. 
It may be hard to see, but here is the mat after I did both cuts.  I love that I can do it all at once with the gypsy and the cricut together.  I plan on doing a lot more playing before Christmas gets here.  Maybe I'll even get a Gypsy of my own! 

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