Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catching up

I am so sorry that you didn't hear from me last week. Getting ready for and attending the Heart of the Hills Winter Retreat really threw off my game and the blog was the last thing to go. Just ran out of time. I thought I would update from Storm Mountain, but , ahhh, no.

I will be posting an update on the retreat with pictures as soon as I get all the totals together to share with everyone. For now, let's just say there was plenty of food and plenty of pages were created!

So, now to the business at hand. At the February Clubs, we swapped cards! It was so fun to see what everyone else did! Rapid City swapped Birthday cards and I want to share those with you today. From left to right and top to bottom, these cards were created by Connie J, Luann, Denise K, Janae, and Carstin.
These cards were from the evening group. They were created by Connie J, Kimber H, Amanda D, Cindy R (?), and Cherryl. It is great to have a stock of homemade cards on hand for ideas and to hand out for those birthdays that sneak up on you. I love it.
Our last challenge for February (I know, your getting this late!) is the Designer Tab card in the Imagine book on page 125. I think this design could be translated to a scrapbook page very easily and I challenge you girls to try and do that. Since spring is on it's way (stop laughing!) let's put some custom colored flowers on this page too. Colors? how about greens and yellows.
There you go. The final entry in my blog for February (even if you are getting it in March) See you all Saturday morning for the first March entry!

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